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We are publishing different short papers on different subjects of our expertise at this page. These include Innovation, R&D, Polymers, Composites & Additives (Properties, Processing).


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Inno...wait, what?

Based on many years of industry experience and written literature, we have realized that there is a misconception about Innovation. This has caused a poor perception for "Innovation" and consequently a reluctancy in the Polymer/Composites industry to implement it. People believe that "Innovation" is something for giant companies like Exxon or their related industry leader. After an exploratory trial, they just drop out and continue to "second" the "industry leader".  

In this article we try to clear up this concept.  Dive into it and find out for yourself.


Best Practice for Innovation in Polymer Industry

Why does the High Tech industry innovate that fast? And yet the prices are never going crazy high in that industry, and even get lower and lower? How do they do it and can we adopt that method?

In this paper we are showing the best way for Polymer industry (Plastics, Rubbers, Composites) to start innovating. This is the way all high tech companies have taken in the last few years. This is the reason we see better products and more reasonable prices everyday from industries like IT or  computer software and hardware. But since no one has explained it to our industry yet, people think this brilliant method is only meant to work for those industries and not for more traditional Polymer Industry.  Here we show how and when it can be adopted by our industry.





There are some misconceptions about foaming in plastics industry. When talking about foaming, people may think of styrofoam, a very successful product, but standing at the extreme edge of foaming. There is another way we can use foaming to the benefit of our products, that is Parial Foaming. It means foaming your products "just a bit" to get the benefits of foaming and not sacrifice any other properties. What are these benefits and where is the limit of partial foaming is discussed in details in this article.







Why Partial Foaming can be your way to Engineer Your Products?!