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AxiPolymer inc is a Product Development Solutions Provider company serving the Polymer industry (Plastics, Rubbers, Composites). It provides a practical product development services for companies to launch innovative products more efficiently (time, quality, and cost) in the domain of downstream polymer processing industry including plastics, bioplastics, elastomers, composites and nanocomposites.


In all what what do, SUSTAINABILITY is our MAIN CONCERN.


The founder, Dr. Ata Zad, has over 10 years of experience in industrial as well as academic R&D processes in Plastics and composites industries. Axipolymer manages a network of talented experts of polymer engineers and scientists to bring a world class R&D services to North American Polymer Industry.






Examples of R&D Services:


-- External "New Product Development" arm of companies in Plastics/Composites industry

-- Conduct feasibility studies for upcoming projects

-- Define innovation strategy with the company management and Generate novel ideas within the company

--  Explore the company‚Äôs strengths and identify major potential projects

--  Execute product development process from A to Z via our internal-external resources (from ideation to product


--  Protect the companies by developing intellectual property (IP)

-- Identify opportunities to develop formulations containing nanomaterials & bioplastics in existing or new

  products portfolio of the company

-- Characterization and analyses services for internal R&D or Production departments of companies with

   preferred rates:

All our activities on Product Development (R&D) are eligible for Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive Program .

We can also help you apply for Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) to fund the projects you are doing with us.

How You Can Use Our Help: