Your Partner in Product Development 

Production of any sort of polymer products requires a deep understanding of the processes, client need and the flexibility for future expansions to be able to choose the right technology/formulation/desing.


Our services in this field include but not limited to :


-  Formulation of different products for novel applications

-  Desinging new products (from ideation and concept to the product launch)

- Selection of the best technologies for production of polymer products

- Transfer of Novel Technologies in Polymer Industry (Processing & Analyses).

- Supervision and monitoring of the equipment set-up, start-ups and test runs.

- Re-engineering of the existing production units to increase the efficacy of the unit

- Characterization and analyses services for polymer industry



Plastics &Elastomers

As many other markets, Polymer products market has become a very competitive market where anyone with a silghtly better properties and prices would win the it. So Innovation in this market can be called an engineering art where you need to bring new product with affordable and competitive prices. For this you need to have a strong R&D expert people that would consider many facotrs in  developping new products such as:

Resin type

Compatible resins/fillers to be blended

Additives for serivce life (stabilizers, anti-oxidants)

Processing parameters

Processing methods

Product desing engineering