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Over 150 years of combined working experience in plastics development, both in Industry and Academics, are working hard to provide you with out of the box solutions.  

       Food grade and non-Food grade products are available.

All the products are GRAS approved (Generaly Regarder As Safe).


Please click on a product category to find out more about the unique products Engineered to your needs:

Purging compounds clean your machinery before you change colors or resins. They can also remove specks in finished batches.

If you’re looking to reduce costs, save material, and improve weight reduction, chemical foaming agents (CFA) are the way to go.

This is an innovative category of compounds helping to enhance all aspects of processing for special applications.

UV light and heat can weather the polymers you’re using. Stabilizers can counteract this by offsetting reactions like oxidation.

If surface corrosion is an issue with your plastics products, vapor corrosion inhibitors can help solve the problem in a timely manner.

Many plastic consumer goods can be exposed to dangerous microorganisms. Our additives prevent these from doing damage.

Our flame-retardant plastic additives reduce the risk  of fire and can be used with injection molding, extrusion and other processes.

Degradable additives reduce the life of plastics for a more eco-friendly outcome without pre-degradation, yellowing or odors.

Our very unique additive compounds for various applications.

Scientific Knowledge & Engineering Skills

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