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Protect Your Metal Parts by Our Magic Compounds!

Do You Pack Your Metal parts in Plastic Films and You believe it is Protected against Corrosion?


You Need to Re-Consider It.

Cel-SpanĀ® VCI 720N is a Vapor Corrosive Inhibitor or anti-corrosion inhibitor concentrated in pellet form in a polyolefins base resin. This product emits a vapor that adheres to the surface of the part and forms a corrosion inhibiting layer protecting metals from corrosion. Cel-SpanĀ® VCI 720N is free from nitrates with no adverse effects in use. The direct cost of atmospheric corrosion initiative of oxygen, moisture, and acid type compounds in metals and alloys is estimated at 5 billion annually. The use of VCI (Vapor Corrosive Inhibitors) is one way to protect these metals from corrosion. These VCI products emit a vapor that condenses on the surface of the part and forms a corrosion-inhibiting layer.



Blown/Cast Film

We provide also VCI compounds for only Ferrous metals. Contact for more info.